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Make sure to find the optimal seat height. Remember seat height is not the same as overall height, unless the bar stool has no back. To get the optimal seat height Men's Air Jordan 13 Leather All Black Shoes Australia , measure from the floor to the bottom of the counter ledge or bar top. Subtract room for your legs, I always took off at least 12" to accommodate even my largest clientele, for the average person 9" should be ample.

The remaining measurement is what your optimal seat height should be. Take that measurement and do not buy anything much taller, but do not go more then 3" lower.

Now that you know what type of stool you are looking for, what style do you want? Counter and bar stools come in many styles and finishes. Stools come in both metal and wood.

Metal stools are generally more contemporary and are usually lighter then their wood counterparts. They are also more durable and better for buyers whose friends are not quite as gentle with the furniture as they would like. Wood stools come in all types of wood from oak and maple to cherry. They give the room a warm Women's Air Jordan 6 White infrared Black Shoes Australia , apple pie feeling.

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