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Give Aaron Rodgers credit. He could be asking for all the money. All the Packers' money. All the NFL's money. All the advertisers' money. Your money. My money.As the NFL's best quarterback Baker Mayfield Browns Jersey , Rodgers could ask for just about everything short of the keys to the federal reserve and get it鈥攐r at least not get laughed at for thinking he deserved it. And he's not doing that. Instead, according to a report last week by the聽NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, all Rodgers is asking for is "player control" over his future.聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafoloOne thing to watch on the Aaron Rodgers contract negotiations is how much control he will have built into the deal. I discussed here.'s NFL Network colleague聽Ian Rapoport聽on Monday聽said his understanding is that Rodgers is looking for a series of player options.Rodgers, asked about the reports, called it all "just conjecture" (at least he didn't stomp his feet and shout Fake News)鈥攂ut if these are indeed his demands in his next contract,聽they sound reasonable enough. Who doesn't want a little more financial control over their future?Rodgers has two years left on a deal that ranks 10th聽in the NFL in average money per year (all contract data courtesy He is slated to earn a total of just over $42 million in salary and bonuses over the next two seasons. In the same span, Kirk Cousins will make $53 million; Jimmy Garoppolo Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , who has thrown fewer career touchdown passes (12) than Rodgers threw before getting hurt in mid-October last year (13), will make $57 million; and Derek Carr will make $47.5 million thanks to a contract extension that, in fairness, seemed like a pretty good idea at the time.Rodgers should be looking to聽restore order to the salary spreadsheets. And all the better if he does so not by becoming the highest-paid quarterback鈥攁 fleeting honor that only lasts until the next good quarterback hits the market鈥攂ut by being the first one with the flexibility to renegotiate on his own terms, not the team's terms.It'd be downright revolutionary鈥攔epresent an evolution of the NFL contract, one that turns quarterbacks, contractually Billy Price Jersey , into a whole new species.The seeds of all this have been germinating for years. Rodgers signed the seven-year extension he currently plays under in 2013, and at the time its $110 million value broke records. But quarterback salaries escalated so rapidly that seven-year contracts soon ceased to make sense for franchise-caliber quarterbacks.Russell Wilson signed a five-year extension in 2015, and while it was considered team friendly at the time, it guaranteed that he would either return to the free-agent market to dip his beak again while still in his prime or (much more likely) that the Seahawks would be forced to pony up with an even more lucrative extension after just a few seasons. Incidentally, Wilson is slated to make about $49 million over the next two years鈥?7 million more than Rodgers鈥攂ut will probably earn more because the Seahawks cannot risk letting him pursue free agency after the 2019 season.The pay-as-you-go quarterback salary model reached its zenith when Cousins bounced contentedly from franchise tag to franchise tag in Washington. His salary leapt from around $20 million in 2016 to just under $24 million in 2017 to his current deal worth $28 million fully guaranteed per year for three years. Cousins began out-earning Rodgers simply by bobbing with the tide of quarterback salaries while Washington procrastinated and handed him franchise-tag-mandated guaranteed raises. It was like riding a stock-market boom while Rodgers stashed his money in savings bonds.Jim Mone/Associated PressOf course, quarterbacks don't face the same risks players at other positions do. For someone like Le'Veon Bell, the franchise tag eats up a year (or two DJ Chark Jaguars Jersey , or three) of negotiating leverage in a career that might only consist of five or six big-earning years, and it carries no guarantees against a blow to the knee ending a career. Quarterbacks of Cousins' caliber, let alone someone like Rodgers, are all nearly certain to command high salaries well into their 30s and remain in high demand after coming back from major injuries.Running backs and defensive tackles need the security that comes with guarantees. Being a franchise quarterback is a guarantee. Top quarterbacks aren't really gambling when they gamble on themselves. Quite the opposite. They sell themselves short when they make the kind of deal folks like us might crave: a safe, secure long-term hitch with reasonable raises each year.Which brings us back to Rodgers, who may want the ability to somehow opt out of his next contract.While Garafolo clarified that Rodgers isn't seeking a contract that is tied to any other player's contract, Rodgers presumably would like several guaranteed seasons鈥攂ut also the right to void those seasons after Carson Wentz and Jared Goff sign extensions that send the quarterback pay rate through the ionosphere Cheap Josh Rosen Jersey , or when the NFL trades a higher percentage of league revenues for the players' right to free speech in the next CBA or something.Folks like us cannot rewrite contracts for ourselves. We can refinance mortgages, but we cannot say, "Based on the current market, I decree that I will only pay $700 per month for my house." We can ask for raises or quit and look for new jobs, but none of us can announce to our bosses that we will be making more money next year.So that little thing Rodgers may be looking for is actually kinda a big deal.The Packers may be willing to make Rodgers the highest-paid player in the NFL. They may be willing to offer a short extension that sends everyone back to the bargaining table in two or three years. They may load up Rodgers' deal with workout bonuses, performance escalators, fins and spoilers. But there's no incentive for a team to allow a player to declare himself a free agent by fiat. It turns any contract the team signs into a de facto one-year contract.Even adding per The Seattle Seahawks made two key roster moves on Thursday involving safety Kam Chancellor and defensive tackle Malik McDowell.Chancellor was placed on the reserve/physically unable to perform list Cheap Da'Ron Payne Jersey , the team announced.The Seahawks also announced they waived McDowell under the non-football injury designation.聽Chancellor聽announced聽on July 1 he was done with football. However, NFL Network's聽Ian Rapoport聽noted it wasn't an official retirement, but the four-time Pro Bowler wouldn't be medically cleared to play due to neck injuries and his total base salary of $11.4 million over the next two years was guaranteed.聽Per聽Bob Condotta聽of the聽Seattle Times, Chancellor would have given up the money owed to him if he officially retired. The Seahawks' move on Thursday officially ends the 30-year-old's 2018 season聽but also keeps him on the 90-man roster.聽After being selected by the Seahawks in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft, McDowell was聽involved聽in an ATV accident last July. He didn't appear in a game during his rookie season after being placed on the聽non-football injury list.聽NFL Network's Mike Garafolo told聽the Real Hawk Talk podcast聽(via 247Sports'聽Derek Lewis) in August 2017 that a good resolution for McDowell would be finding a way to play in the NFL at all due to the serious facial fractures he suffered聽after the accident..

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