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half-dozen questions for BTSC fans to discuss What the heck is a “slobberknocker?” In football terms , it’s a hit that, well, knocks the slobber right out of the other player’s mouth. I’ll be posing six hard-hitting questions to BTSC fans every game-day morning during the 2018 regular season.The Pittsburgh Steelers hit the road again later today, tangling with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. It’s an opportunity for the Steelers to redeem themselves following a tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at home. BTSC fans will watch every move and hold the Steelers accountable because they’re not your run-of-the-mill Steelers’ fans, but a cut above. They crave more in-depth commentary. Q1: Tight end Travis Kelce tormented the Steelers defense last week — what adjustments will the defense have to make to hold O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate in check? Will the defense be able to accomplish this?Q2: Right tackle Marcus Gilbert is a game-time decision — should he be held out so he’s not a liability or does further damage?Q3: Are you comfortable offensive tackle Matt Feiler can fill in for an injured Gilbert?A: You will eat your wings and drink your beer with a smile knowing he will do his job.B: You will fidget all day and worry.C: Feiler starting gives you flashbacks of former Steeler Authentic Alejandro Villanueva Jersey , Mike Adams. Q4: How confident are you with either Coty Sensabaugh or Cameron Sutton replacing a struggling Artie Burns? Is Burns being made the scapegoat or is he the issue with the defense?Q5: Which Tampa Bay wideout worries you more, DeSean Jackson (9-275-3) or Mike Evans (17-230-2)? What is your prediction for their stat lines?Q6: Do you blame the defensive issues on the scheme or the personnel on the field? What can the Steelers do to energize this defense?The demoralizing loss at the hands of the Chiefs has Black-and-gold fans wondering if the team’s championship hopes are over already. A Week-3 win would go a long way to squash such pessimistic talk. Fourteen more games remain in the season, but every loss matters. The Steelers need to take the season week to week, and the first hurdle to doing so is to beat the Buccaneers. Will the Steelers be able to answer the above questions positively? At a time when it already was looking less and less likely that running back Le'Veon Bell would report to the Steelers before Tuesday’s 4:00 p.m. ET deadline, there’s now a report that acknowledges that reality.Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it is “unlikely” that Bell will sign his franchise tender and play in 2018.Yes Womens Le'Veon Bell Jersey , it’s unlikely. Which technically means that the chances of it happening are less than 50 percent. Which given the recent realization that Bell can skip the whole year and still force his way to free agency in March 2019, is fairly obvious at this point.Indeed, and as explained on Friday, Bell’s best play at this point is to not play this year. With $8.5 million already gone, only $6 million or so left to be earned this year Womens Jordan Berry Jersey , and a major payday looming, it’s a no-brainer.So either Schefter is simply reading the tea leaves that currently are arranged to say in all caps “HE’S NOT SHOWING,” or sources close to Bell have opted for “unlikely” instead of “not at all” to account for the possibility that Bell will choose to show up, even if it makes no financial sense at this point to report.And if the latter is that case, don’t be surprised if something that currently has less than a 50 percent chance of happening actually does happen. Custom Miami Dolphins Jerseys

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