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The Miami Dolphins won on Sunday with Brock Osweiler starting at quarterback after Ryan Tannehill’s shoulder injury worsened during the week. The team had been hopeful that Tannehill would be ready for Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears Akeem Spence Jersey , but in the morning prior to the game, the coaches made the call that Tannehill would not be ready and Osweiler was elevated to starter. Reports indicated that Tannehill had an AC joint injury, but the team has denied that, saying his shoulder is sore and tightened up, but no further details have been releObrázek ased.“He’s day-to-day,” head coach Adam Gase said on Monday. “Nothing has changed. We’re going to have to wait a couple of days and see if he feels better heading into Wednesday, Thursday.”Gase was then asked if Tannehill would be the starter when he returns. Osweiler, in Tannehill’s absence, was 28-for-44 for 380 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions for a 94.9 passer rating. “Yes, he will be the starter,” Gase answered, laughing as he did. “Yes. Yes. You didn’t think I was going to anticipate that like that?”Tannehill is 85-for-129 on the season , throwing for 972 yards with eight touchdowns and five interceptions. He has a 92.9 passer rating on the season.“It’s just such an unusual situation because last week, we started the week, he was sore, but then it got worse as the week went on,” Gase explained of how the build up to the game. “That’s why we found ourselves in a position we weren’t really thinking we were going to be in. Normally any time he’s been banged up or some kind of injury, he’s always progressed positively. That’s why we waited until the last minute and that’s where we are right now. We’ll see how this week goes. I’ll know more when I can see him throw again.”The Dolphins believe Tannehill is still going to play again this season. “I’m not sure [if there is a chance this is a long-term issue for the quarterback],” Gase told the media. “I really don’t know. I don’t know the answer. It’s day to day. It’s really going to be about how he feels. We can be told by doctors and trainers, ‘This is what is going to happen.’ But, he’s been one of those guys that’s been the opposite of what you’re being told. He can say ‘I’m good,’ or ‘I’m not good.’ This was the first time we were being told one thing as far as this is unusual that he’s going the other way and then him actually agreeing that he didn’t feel right. Normally, he’ll try to go opposite of what they tell him.”When a follow up was asked if he was confident that Tannehill would return in 2018, Gase simply replied Cheap Kenny Stills Jersey , “Yes.”At some point, Tannehill will return to the helm of the Dolphins’ offense. It could be this week. It could be in several weeks. At this point, it just does not sound like anyone is quite sure of when it will happen. Tannehill is indefinitely day-to-day. The Dolphins face a massive foe on Sunday as the Chicago Bears bring their loaded defense to Miami. The offense has had its share of issues, but is coming off the best game of its season against Tampa Bay, where Mitchell Trubisky threw six touchdown passes in a blowout victory. But it’s the defense that is truly spectacular, and at the forefront of this force is new member Khalil Mack, arguably the Defensive Player of the Year thus far. Mack is too damn good, and he’ll beat you whether you double block him or triple block him.But beyond Mack, the Bears defense also has a few under the radar faces Dolphins fans should be aware of, so let’s take a look at three threats I feel are going under the radar.Akeim HicksKamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY SportsYeah, people are probably aware of who Akeim Hicks is, and he’s played in the AFC East before (as a member of the Patriots in 2015) Daniel Kilgore Jersey , but what people don’t realize is he’s playing almost as well as Khalil Mack. Originally a defensive end, Hicks was moved to defensive tackle this year, and it’s paid off massively for the Bears. He provides an incredible bull rush, swim move, and has the power of a 4x4. The guy sacking Ryan Fitzpatrick (top left) has six quarterback hits this season, the same amount as Mack entering week six, has three sacks, two forced fumbles, and three tackles for a loss. It’s safe to say Hicks is off to a phenomenal start to the year. Bilal NicholsKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsAkeim Hicks and Eddie Goldman have been great as the defensive tackles, but fifth round rookie Bilal Nichols is quickly making a name for himself. He’s been credited for half a sack, three tackles for a loss, and a quarterback hit thus is coming off a career best performance Matt Haack Jersey , where his powerful get off was on full display against both the run and pass. If not for the studs in front of him, Nichols would probably be starting.Bryce CallahanQuinn Harris-USA TODAY SportsIn his fourth season, Bryce Callahan has emerged as a quality slot corner. His presence both in the slot and as a blitzer have stood out in particular, and he gives the Bears secondary more solid depth.The blitzer (#37) far this season, Callahan has one interception, one pass disruption, a tackle for a loss, and a quarterback hit.

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