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Benefiting From A Therapeutic Sound Project May 3, 2014 | Author: Jaclyn Hurley | Posted in Arts & Entertainment

A therapeutic sound project is being conducted in many cities in the US and other countries. This bio-feedback method uses sound, or more precisely frequency or vibration, to restore balance to the human system and thereby influence health on many levels. This alternative therapy offers help without pharmaceutical drugs Clay Matthews Hoodie , invasive surgeries, or drastic psychiatric treatments like electrical shock.

The emotional state of a person has a profound effect on physical health and overall quality of life. This fact is familiar to most of us. We’re told that a positive attitude can win friends and influence people and that laughter is good for us. Social interaction is important; married people live longer, children do best in whole families with both mother and father, and those who are active members of a community report more happiness.

The philosophy of this discipline states that all matter has resonance. Since atoms are in constant motion Aaron Rodgers Hoodie , core vibrations affect the whole system. Bio-feedback research tracks brain waves, muscle reactions, hormonal release (like adrenaline and cortisol, which increase inner tension) Bart Starr Shirt , voice patterns, pulse rates, and other physical or mental reactions to external stimuli.

This fascinating subject appeals to traditional customs and common sense, even if the technical terms and discoveries seem confusing. Almost everyone knows that a lullaby will soothe a child and send it off to sleep better than a pounding drum or a lively tune. People naturally move to a strong rhythm Kenny Clark Shirt , tapping their feet or their fingers, while the sound of running water or sighing waves promotes relaxation.

Conditions that respond to this form of therapy include mood disorders. Adolescents often become ‘moody’ under the stresses of the many demands society places on them. Millions of people of all ages suffer from depression, which robs life of meaning and happiness. It’s been proved that being depressed is bad for total health. Stroke victims or paralytics often fail to improve when they are really only emotionally crippled.

Parents who have a child who does not socialize well, has trouble with learning or focusing Jamaal Williams Shirt , and is not able to communicate effectively might be hesitant to try drugs, fearing their long-term effects as well as believing they merely mask symptoms of an underlying problem. Seeking help from a sound therapy professional might be a very positive first step when looking for help.

Music, of course, is only one form of resonance. However Kevin King Shirt , it’s often the most familiar to those who need help, and it has been shown to be very beneficial in restoring mental and emotional balance. Actually, advanced resonance technology is a diagnostic tool as well as a therapeutic one. The belief is that every being has its own unique frequency, so an intensive program will be tailored to the individual.

Finding a sound therapist is like finding any source of medical or psychiatric help. People must select the depth and intensity of the treatment they feel appropriate. Everything from learning a musical instrument or taking a dance class to clinical sessions can come under the umbrella of sound therapy. It’s reassuring to know that many different approaches are available in the city to provide relief to people unable to cope alone.

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