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A person is said to be anemic Cheap Kevin Strootman Jersey , if hisher hemoglobin concentration or red blood cell level becomes less than the minimum standard. The minimum required level of hemoglobin & red blood cells is 11 gm and 32% respectively (in adults). The primary purpose of hemoglobin found in the red blood cells is to distribute oxygen and act as a storehouse of iron.
Symptoms of Anemia
Feeling drained out of energy for no obvious reason Shortness of breath Inability to focus or poor concentration Pale skin Increased whiteness in nails Shaky Legs Lesions on the corners of mouth Inflammation of limbs Feeling Sick and Depressed etc Anemia can be triggered by several causes, some serious & some common.
Early Mortality of Red Blood Cells In certain ailments, the blood cells fail to live up to their normal life span of 110-120 days; they die much earlier. The onus is on bone marrow to speed up the process of red blood cell formation to plug in the gap caused by their premature death. If the bone marrow activity is not significantly raised despite the early death of the red blood cells, anemia becomes inevitable. The early mortality of red blood cells can be caused by issues like blood poisoning Cheap Juan Jesus Jersey , acute infections and reaction to certain drugs.
Anemia Caused by Too-Much Bleeding Internal bleeding due to injuries, ulcers, malignancies, heavy periods Cheap Juan Iturbe Jersey , etc, lead to excessive decease in the red blood cell count. Such cases ought to be handled with due care to prevent the condition of a patient from deteriorating further.
Insufficient Intake of Iron Poor dietary habits or absence of vital nutrients from the preferred food items, puts a person on high risk of developing anemia. An iron rich diet is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy hemoglobin count.
Genetic Anemia Sometimes, the genetic factors deteriorate the normal function of the red blood cells or make the human body incapable of producing their enough quantity. A prevalent genetic disorder that disrupts the production of health red blood cells is sickle cell anemia.
Vitamin Deficiency
聽Some vitamins like vitamin b12 and vitamin C aid the digestive system to properly absorb iron from the food. The main source of vitamin b12 is non-vegetarian diet Cheap Hector Moreno Jersey , while citrus fruits like oranges have a high vitamin C content.聽 A diet lacking in any one of these crucial vitamins causes poor iron absorption, which overtime manifests into anemia.聽

Bone Marrow Malfunction and Immune Deficiencies聽

Bone Marrow diseases like blood cancer make it incapable of generating a reasonable red blood cell count. Anemia is quiet common among people infected with immune disorders like HIV and arthiritis.

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