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I have read many books and studied many courses on the subject of the four personality types Derek Stepan Youth Jersey , but the simplest explanation of how it is applicable to network marketing can be found in Jerry Clark’s course,” The Magic of Colors”. I will base this training off of that audio collection.
Network marketing is a numbers game. Understanding the four personality types will improve your closing ratio dramatically.
The Magic of Colors describes the four personality types using colors. I have also heard some multi level marketing training that teaches this concept using animals that relate to the personalities. For visual purposes, I use colored sea animals in my explanation.
The four personality types are the Red Sharks, Blue Dolphins, Yellow Whales Christian Dvorak Youth Jersey , and the Green Urchins.
We all have a little bit of each the four personality types in us, but one is our dominant way of being. When you hear these descriptions, you may say something like “That sounds like me, except for that part.”
This is normal because we all are made up of a combination of the 4 personality types, but one of the four personality types will describe you more accurately than the others. That personality type is your dominant personality. The second closest match is your secondary personality.
You might have such an even mix that you may be confused as to which one is your dominant personality Max Domi Youth Jersey , and which is your secondary. On the other hand, some people are so extreme that you know will know their personality type beyond a shadow of a doubt.
A Brief Description of the Four Personality Types
1. Red Sharks – Choleric Personality- These people are direct with their communication and closed about their relationships. A general description of a Red Shark can be summed up as money-motivated. Some of their natural strengths are self-confidence, ambition, and leadership potential. Some natural weaknesses are impatience, arrogance Anthony Duclair Youth Jersey , and rudeness.
2. Blue Dolphins – Sanguine Personality – These people are direct with their communication, and they are open with their relationships. One word to describe a Blue Dolphin is fun. They are motivated by having a good time. Some of their natural strengths include being outgoing, motivation skills, and the ability to tell a good story. Some natural weakness include being unorganized, unreliable Tobias Rieder Youth Jersey , and whimsical.
3. Yellow Whales – Phlegmatic Personality – Yellow Whales are generally indirect with their communication, and open with their relationships. They can be characterized by their desire to help others. Some of their natural strengths are being dependable, patient, and good listeners. Some natural weaknesses are lack of assertiveness, being easily taken advantage of by others Niklas Hjalmarsson Youth Jersey , and lack of self confidence.
4. Green Urchins – Melancholy Personality -Green Urchins are indirect, and closed. They have a strong need to know, and to be right. One word used to describe Green Urchins is factual. Some of their natural strengths are being very organized, great planning skills, and usually being very neat and detail oriented. Some natural weaknesses are procrastination Luke Schenn Youth Jersey , being critical of others, and struggling with depression and insecurity.
It is worth the time it takes to learn and understand people, because it will lead to more harmonious relationships and better productivity in both your personal life and your network marketing business.
Much Success,

Learn how understanding the

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