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 Předmět příspěvku: Earth, a place that
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Earth, a place that everyone knows. Because she has nature, she has a beautiful view for people to appreciate. Because she has plants, she can live. More than that, and her whole body, all gave to humans: the rushing river is her sweet milk; the lush forest is her long flowing hair; the warm sun is her bright eyes Cigarette Wholesale Price. good earth! No, it should be said how good the mother is!what did people who grew up in her arms do? As people's negative impact on the highly developed industry is not expected, the prevention is unfavorable, leading to three major global crises: resource shortage, environmental pollution and ecological damage. Humans continue to emit pollutants into the environment. However, due to the diffusion, dilution, redox, biodegradation, etc. of the atmosphere, water, soil, and the like. The concentration and toxicity of pollutants are naturally reduced, causing pollution to the global environment. There are also people's requests for the earth: slashing and logging, pollution of the seawater discharged by the sewage discharged by the factory, and constantly excavating various mineral resources.mother is a mother after all. She does not care about these demanding demands and still selfless dedication, loving smiles, tolerance with her own broad-minded mind, tolerate. But in the end, the earth was also irritated. She began to use the earthquake to vent her dissatisfaction and use the tsunami to retaliate against the insatiable people.he disaster, people understood that "we only have one earth" to make up for it, it is not too late. People began to make up for their wrong behavior: planting trees, salvaging garbage, protecting the environment, low-carbon life... everywhere. But Mother Earth is still crying, because there are still people, it��s too late when you hear the cry of Mother Earth. At that time, the earth was really hopeless, and she no longer had the strength to call people to cherish it. It��s will continue, the river will flow, and it will cycle around the clock Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping... Time will not stop and will not go back. I am too stupid, don't know why? Time, why don't you let the painted in the day of elementary school, originally thought that this period can make a smile on the face of the flower. When I got to the pen to paint, I found out that it was time to get confused. In fact, the flower on the face has been blooming, but I didn't pay attention to it. After this stroke, Le Huaer was reluctant to bloom, only to find that the elementary school and the inseparable friends were together in the classroom, eating together in the cafeteria, sleeping together in the bedroom Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S, is the most splendid time for Lehua. When I woke up, I wanted to chase time to run, but I couldn��t hold it. I could only stand in the distance and look at the shadow of it Buy Cheap Newports. I didn��t pay attention to it until now. But when I left, I just left. I only blame the hand that didn��t hold the time. I couldn��t help but shed tears. My heart was like the tens of ants biting the weakest is the past, can not help, can not hold, holding is not the best solution. However, when I lie in bed and close my eyes, the past elementary school graduation results are like witches, no, more terrible than witches, it gives me a witchcraft--I can��t forget the pain it gave me. "70" points and "88" points into one's mind. Time, why don't you make a remedy, why not erase my pain. Why did I sneak so fast that I couldn��t get out of it? Now, I can��t even shed tears and pull me to Huang is expanding, and the bitterness of suffering is adding bitter melons. Compared to the bitterness of the universe, it is faster than the expansion of the universe Newport Carton Wholesale. Don't go, time! Don't go too fast and slow down. I can't stand the pain, the broken things into the heart, let me be speechless, so I can't time going by, why come and go. Don't go, time!

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 Předmět příspěvku: Re: Earth, a place that
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