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Because of its long history of the prehistoric times Radim Vrbata Womens Jersey , Kritinia is a brimming tourist destination for enjoying best Rhodes holidays 2010. According to a renowned mythology, this place was built by the Althaemenis of Crete. Their colony was close to the beach at initial stages but they later moved it to the top of the Attavyrons? mountain due to some security reasons in the post-Byzantine period.
Unluckily, this medieval village was sunk under the sea but a few of its remnants are yet available to view during your Rhodes holidays. Most of its relics can be found under the sea. The only surviving old-Christian temple can be found on the coast. Later on James Reimer Womens Jersey , its fortress, Castello acted as a protection shield for the village.
Perhaps that is the possible reason; this village is still called Castellos. This castle is a blend of byzantine and middle age style and is preserved in good condition. Nowadays, Kritinia is a purely agricultural village famous for its fruits (especially for grapes) Nick Bjugstad Womens Jersey , olive oil and vegetables. It is therefore one of the unique Rhodes holidays ideas to visit this place.
Must See Sites in Kritinia Village
Some of the must visit sites of this village include:
Kamiros Scala ? A Place Worth Seeing
Kamiros Scala along with its famous harbor is a great source of attraction for various tourists visiting this place from around the world during summer Rhodes holidays.
The Copria Beach
The beach of Copria is situated next to Kamiros Scala. It is primarily a fishing destination along with its beautiful vegetation. Being a tourist, you can enjoy swimming, walking along the beach and eating delicious fish food on the taverns of this beach.
Fortress Close to Corpia
You can also find a fortress near Copria which was established on the top of a hill Connor Brickley Womens Jersey , facing the sea. This place is a must visit to make best Rhodes holidays on Rhodes Island. You can access this place via car. The castle is just at a distance of about 3 kilometers from the inspiring village of Kritinia.
Chiotis Point
The scenes from Chiotis point are wonderful. You will really enjoy taking snapshots at this point apart. Visiting the old wind-mill has its own charm. Similarly you can visit the Folklore Museum that is also situated at the same area. Another attraction is a Castle in the front of this point, which faces three islets including Makri, Stroghili and Alimia. At a small distance from Chiotis point Jonathan Huberdeau Womens Jersey , you will find Chalki Island.
Other major Tourist Destinations
You can also find various other appealing sites such as the well-known monastery of Panagia Amartos, which is situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from the village. There is also a rock-built, Agiopetra Cave close to the monastery Aaron Ekblad Womens Jersey , which is known for its dripping holy-water. Tourists can even swim at the Virgin beaches of Afilimiona & Kalami. Remember that the passage is not good so don?t forget to take food and water with you.
Kritinia offers its tourists with a variety of attractions for next Rhodes holidays, so that they can have one of the best and unforgettable holidays in the region.

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