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For training you will find they are intelligent and eager to please. This means they will love agility training or any sport training you provide. You must have a consistent Black Donovan Smith Jersey , yet firm hand. Harshness is uncalled for during training. You will also find these wonderful dogs can learn several tricks and have even been apart of some circus acts in the past.

When you are considering the proper care for you dog remember it is important to understand that each will be slightly different. The hairless Chinese Crested is going to need more attention when they are outdoors to make sure their skin doesn?t dry out or burn. They can develop skin issues and cancer if you are not careful. For proper feeding you should provide small meals at least twice a day. The meals should be high in protein. You will also want to check and make sure the food you provide is healthy for them and not synthetic. For exercise you will find the Chinese Crested needs regular play sessions and short walks. Their tiny bodies can?t handle an hour of walking, but a mixed bag of exercise is often great. They do really well in apartments so you don?t have to worry about having a small yard. As long as you provide plenty of toys you will find your Chinese Crested to be very happy. You should also keep them indoors during harsh sun Black Noah Spence Jersey , and cold weather as they do not do well. Taking care of your dog is very important and as long as you understand the needs of your Chinese Crested you will have a long life together.

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