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NAIROBI Authentic Jake Allen Jersey , Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Kenyans have clung onto SMSs despite actively using web-based message apps that include WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

The number of messages East African nation's citizens send remains high about five years since social media craze hit the nation, as the love defies trends in other parts of the world.

Kenyans send up to a record 13 billion text messages in three months, latest figures from the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) showed Wednesday.

This translates to about 400 messages per individual who owns a mobile phone in the East African nation as subscription stands at 39 million Authentic Kyle Brodziak Jersey , the CA data for the period January to March indicated.

""The volume of SMSs sent stood at 12.8 billion messages, a slight decline from the previous quarter's 15 billion messages,"" said the CA.

But the regulator attributed the drop to seasonal changes over the periods, where the quarter October to December experienced many busy activities like the Christmas holidays and long school holidays Authentic Alex Pietrangelo Jersey , which saw many people texting.

Nearly 95 percent of the text-messages are sent on leading telecom Safaricom network with the other five sharing the rest.

Safaricom during the quarter under review recorded a total of 12.6 billion messages sent from its network.

Analysts cite a number of reasons as to why Kenyans have clung onto SMSs even as the world shifts to social media and other forms of internet messaging.

Bernard Mwaso of Edell IT Solutions in Nairobi attributed the resilience of SMSs to the promotions offered by the telecoms.

All the mobile phone operators in Kenya currently offer their customers daily bundle packages ranging from 20 to 500 SMSs and go at between 0.05 U.S. dollars to 0.19 dollars.

""If one gets 500 SMSs at 0.19 dollars, why would they not write text messages all daylong? This is what is making Kenyans to keep on texting because the service is too cheap, the cost nearly negligible as compared to social media where one has to buy internet bundles,"" he said on Wednesday.

Normally Authentic Paul Stastny Jersey , it costs 0.01 dollars to send a single text message, but with the packages, one sends SMSs almost for free.

Mwaso further observed that the convenience of text messages makes the service further more popular.

""You can send to anyone a text-message instantly regardless of whether they have a smart or dumb phone. This is not the case with social media where one has to have a smart phone to access the service. SMSs therefore remains the most appealing way to send messages among the 39 million subscribers,"" he said.

Appeal of text-messages has Authentic Dmitrij Jaskin Jersey , therefore, made Kenyans embrace both the free message apps and the former.

""When I joined Facebook, I tried ignoring SMSs because I thought the service has been overtaken by time but I failed. What drove me back to SMS was the bundles the telecoms offer. But now I use both the social media apps and SMSs,"" said 25-year-old university student Hazel Lihanda.

However Authentic Alexander Steen Jersey , as use of SMSs soars amid social media use, the use of Multimedia Messages (MMS) has declined considerably affected by the free message apps. It costs 0.10 dollars to send a single MMS, which is too costly.

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" Games > Game Genres > First Person Shooter GamesMaintain Your Health with Blood Pressure Monitor

Posted by industrialcomputers01 in Games on September 8th, 2015

Maintaining blood pressure can prove to be a difficult task with time. As you grow older Authentic Brayden Schenn Jersey , your problems regarding the blood pressure start increasing. Blood pressure is basically the amount of force that is created by the blood when it shoves the walls of the arteries while pumping the blood. Usually when the age of a person increases, he suffers with the problem of higher blood pressure. This issue can cause some of the major health problems with the body of the concerned person. Moreover, it can prove to be fatal too if you do not care for it properly. For all these reason, keeping a timely check on the blood pressure levels in the body of a person is very important. Owing to all of these factors Authentic Scottie Upshall Jersey , blood pressure monitors were invented to help a person keep a track of the fluctuations in the blood pressure.

Blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors are used to measure the levels of the blood pressure and the frequency of fluctuations in it. When you have ablood pressure monitor, you can check your level as well as help your family and friends to measure theirs. Contrary to the popular beliefs, checking your blood pressure levels at home is not difficult. Once you get to know about the equipment and methods to use them properly, you can easily check your levels at any place Authentic Joel Edmundson Jersey , any time. You do not need any professional help too; reason being that a blood pressure monitor manufacturer will provide all the details about the usage of the product with clear pictorial instructions.

Types of the Blood Pressure monitors

You may find a number of variants for these monitors. All are well, so you may choose according to your wish, budget and usage convenience. Most of the times, people take the help of internet to find out the better alternative. However Authentic Carl Gunnarsson Jersey , you may take the advice of the blood pressure monitor supplier as well as the professionals to know about the better options as they have more knowledge about the subject.

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