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"Look how good this is
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"Look how good this is!" "No, this is much better than that!" Did you hear our conversation? Hey, this is a group of girls who are asking for knowledge. I am one of them.have a close relationship with Xiaohe, and I often wrap my mother to buy books for me. Later, my mother called me "Little Bookworm" Marlboro Gold, my father called me "Little Book Fan", my grandfather called me "Little Book Girl", I love it. reading. Comic books, literature books, history books, science books... are all my good friends. If you can't find the "charge source", practice books, dictionaries, even the manual I can watch the morning. The book is my closest friend. As long as I have a book, I am happy. It is the source of my happiness: Yang Hongying��s "Ma Xiaotiao" series, "Extreme Campus" series, Cao Wenjun's "Xiaoxiang" I am already familiar with Yu Xin. Cao Wenxuan's beautiful novel "Wild Windmill" made me sad and happy. "Garfield", Zhu Deyong's "ɬŮ" makes me tolerable; there are also Chinese and foreign famous "Jane Love" Marlboro Red, "Wuthering Heights", "Notre Dame de Paris", "La Traviata", etc. I have read all the Chinese and foreign names; now I have a strong interest in the American women writer: Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, which has already read 1 to 5 volumes.aking of the origin of the Twilight City: That day, when I was hanging out in my favorite place Carton Of Newports, the bookstore, I saw a pair of gray arms, holding a red apple, a bunch of English words and "Twilight City". Four large characters. I was surprised at once, what did it say? Who is the protagonist? I took the initiative and bought these five "strange cities." When I got home, I couldn't wait to open the book. I only saw the introduction. I was attracted. The handsome and handsome vampire Edward and the beautiful and kind Bella Marlboro Cigarettes Price, I used it very quickly to finish it. Although the time is short, the impression he left on me, I will not forget. know why I love reading? Because the book can give me enough imagination, I can give me some strange pictures and knowledge contained in it. Can benefit me a lot. Tell you a secret, I don't just want to study, I have to write a book in the future! Haha, this is the story of me and the book. Interesting?ay, I am walking alone to go home. I suddenly knew that loneliness is coming again. is not the first time I have done this. If there are friends next to me, it may not be so uncomfortable. But today, I am walking alone, walking, very boring, very lonely. The leg was also hurt in my school accidentally sprained my leg. But there is no way, I stumbled into a path, with only a few pedestrians and a few cars next to it. It was very quiet. At this time, an exhaust gas rushed to me, and they made faces to me. Even the exhaust seems to laugh at me. I am tired and thirsty. I have a sandbag tied to my feet. The road is getting harder and harder, as if there is a black hole sucking my leg. I looked at the sky, it was already dusk, as if the road went further and further. The sun seems to dislike me too, quietly falling down the mountain, the clouds also seem to find various reasons to stay away from me. I hope now I have a friend or relative next to me! I began to stumble Newport Cigarettes, and all the scenes in front of me began to blur. I was thirsty and hungry, and my stomach had begun to sing. At this time, Dad came to pick me up, I saw hope, lonely escape, I am happy.

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I consider, that you commit an error. I can defend the position.

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