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 Předmět příspěvku: I wrote my father's name on
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I wrote my father's name on the bamboo pole of my house with a brush to make a mark. The neighbors have said that my words are correct and generous, and there is a certain strength. Whenever I hear such praise, my heart is beautiful. But the scene of learning big words with my uncle three years ago has made me unforgettable Carton Of Cigarettes.
ause my parents always criticize my words, they don��t look like. So I decided to ask the "calligraph master" in my mind - Dabo. On that day, my pen, ink, paper, and pipa were all brought together, and I came to my uncle's house in full force. Uncle greeted me warmly. Uncle said: "If you want to write a good word, write your name first. Before anyone else sees you, look at your name first. He can have a general understanding of you through your handwriting..." I haven't waited for my uncle to finish Cheap Cigarettes, I started writing. The first "Xu" is not bad, I am quite satisfied. The latter two words "Yu Xin" can make me sad, there are many strokes, and the structure is complicated, I will write indiscriminately. After the three words are written, they account for more than half of the paper. The uncle was laughing and jokingly reading the words I wrote: "Xu Xisheng is a few incense." I suspect that my ears are wrong. When did I change this name? I will take a closer look at the words I wrote. Damn! It��s true that the two parts of the word ��feather�� are too open, just like two awkward children squinting; the ��sound�� and ��sweet�� in ��Xin�� are like a cowherd and a weaver across the river, not a family at all. people. Uncle said with a smile: "Our feather writing is really magical. Each word has its own characteristics, some will fly, some will climb..." My face was red.r that, my uncle told me a lot of writing shackles. Among them, the most important thing is to practice more and more without interruption. the past few years, I have kept my uncle's words in mind, and I have done it according to his requirements, so my words have made great progress.ove harmonica, I don't know what power makes me like it.ry time I blow it up, I will feel it is a piano that can play all kinds of wonderful music, a piano in a pocket. I first saw it, it was a third grade. The teacher said, "There are some harmonica for sale. The children who bring money can go down and buy." When I heard the word "harpophone", I thought: What is the harmonica? Qin... I want to finish, I rushed downstairs to buy. exhausted, I finally squeezed out the pink box and peeled off the white wrapping paper. Inside, a delicate harmonica with silver light.y, I have been studying harmonica for almost four years, and it has become a feature of our school. summer vacation, I went to Malaysia to attend the Asia Pacific pacific Harmonica Festival Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. We blew the "Poly Ball", bass, chord, accent, #C and C harmonica in one go. After "Dancing Polka", it is a children's symphony. We formed the Zhejiang United Team with the Knife Alley Primary School, Deqing Gaoqiao Primary School and Chumen Central Primary School Marlboro Cigarettes Online. It is a magnificent Chinese music piece - "Spring Festival Overture". We have won the gold and silver awards for these two songs.
nica, as long as you understand the mystery of it, it will share the happiness you have with you Wholesale Cigarettes.

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