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BANGKOK Obi Melifonwu Jersey , May 5 (Xinhua) -- Thailand's power consumption has hit the year's peak of up to 30,303.4 megawatts (MW), local media reported Friday quoting the Energy Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

Rerngchai Kongthong, official from the EGAT said that the power peak was recorded at 2:20 p.m. local time, attributing Thursday's new record of power consumption to the persistent heat with the temperature of 35.2 degree celsius.

He said the use of air-conditioner contributes most to the power peak, with more power consumption expected from all segments particularly the business sector.

Summer heat continues to hit Thailand since late March. Some provinces such as Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, has recorded a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius even after the Songkran Festival, known as Thailand's hottest period has passed.

The overall power consumption this year is less than las year's top figure of 30 Gareon Conley Jersey ,972.73 MW, according to Rerngchai.

The EGAT said they may consider activating two more power generators and using auxiliary fuel at the expense of higher production cost in case that the energy usage rises 3.5 percent higher than the peak level in 2016.


Your knife is the most essential item when camping. It is one of man’s oldest, most important tools. Originally made of flint, shaped into an edge, the knife has evolved from copper, bronze, into today’s iron or steel blades. And in the fine-grained sediment of a dry riverbed, in the Afar Region of Ethiopia P.J. Hall Jersey , left long ago by an ancient people, lay the oldest relic of a knife ever discovered – dated to be 2.6 million years old. Fashioned from volcanic rock, knives have now evolved into the device that is today. Knives were used for hunting, building shelters, providing and preparing food, and in general, survival. Knapping was a method they used in the old times in making sharp bladed devices. It is the shaping of the tool through the process of lithic reduction. Obsidian, an extrusive igneous rock Kolton Miller Jersey , were used to make some of the oldest knives.

A knife functioned as a device for weaponry, consumption and hunting. During the 15th century, those who were not permitted to carry firearms, store their knives in a scabbard on their belts. They used their knives for eating. Knives were made into sets composed of three – one big knife for hunting, two small ones for peeling or cutting. These were stored in one scabbard. The use of knives as a hunting tool, diminished as they progressed more as an eating device besides the spoon and fork.

Almost 10,000 years have gone by, that knives were formed out of wood Cheap Oakland Raiders Hats , bone, stone, flint or shell. By this time, copper was found and was used as the main material in making knives. In as little as 5,000 years ago, steel replaced copper. Knives today have evolved into ceramic, carbon fiber or titanium as a result of advancing technology.

The business for collecting knives has grown enormously, with collectors seeking to find the exceptional ones. And there are many specialized categories to choose from – hunting Cheap Oakland Raiders T-Shirts , military, camping, multi-purpose, sports, hunting and fishing or pocketknives. Auction sites are a great source for tracking down rare and exotic pieces.

To keep your knives in the best possible working condition, store separately in leather sheaths to prevent rusting, keep clean and free of debris, and an occasional drop of oil on the joints of a folding knife will keep the action smooth in opening and closing. “Walks and Talks well” Cheap Oakland Raiders Hoodie , that is what the elders used to say about when your knife can still click. Secure your knife away from reach of children. When sharpening the blade, do not use an electric grinding wheel. When you carry it with you, avoid putting it in the same pocket with the coins, as this may damage the handle and bolsters.

My friend has a collection of knives. His collection contains every sort you can imagine. However, the one that tops it all is the knife he customized with turquoise and coral. He too uses his knives in his collection, especially when he goes camping but not the customized one, of course!

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