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Lately Mitchell Trubisky Bears Jersey , here in Las Vegas, I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of Mixed Martial Arts competitors from the various "No Holds Barred" events like the UFC and Pride. For the most part these fighters were amazing physical specimens and tremendous competitors. Their skills in the arena are impressive and fun to watch. The other factor across the board is the fighters I met are very good natured guys.

At one of the events I was introduced by an MMA friend of mine to one of the top competitors and this fighter asked through his translator if I was a MMA competitor. Before I could answer, my friend (who had a couple of beers in him since he was not on this fight card) smiled and said Anthony Miller Bears Jersey , "Nah, this guy's a killer, he just likes to teach you how to stab people to death or beat their brains out with a tire iron. You'd like his course!"(Always great to have friends give this kinda PR "help")

Then the fighter asked if I taught how to "defend" against knives and guns. My friend once again "answered" for me saying "Oh yeah and more than one attacker James Daniels Bears Jersey , I mean, its prison riot training" (Again very "helpful"; I'm sure the translator loved me!) Then the fighter told of his cousin being assaulted and stabbed by 2 men in his home country. He said he felt bad because he truly couldn't give his cousin (who survived the attack) any "tips" on how to "fight" people with knives.

He then said: "Quite frankly for all my skills in the ring I doubt I could have done much better. I know how to kick someone's ass on the mat but on the street it's so different."He then had to leave and get ready for his match (which he easily won that night, absolutely wrecking his opponent). We exchanged info and he got the dates when I'd be in Europe this year.

This meeting got me thinking about the difference between a fighter and a killer: The fighter competes to better an opponent; the killer is solely focused on ending the other person. The fighter seeks to score points or get someone to submit; the killer seeks to shut down the other's brain. The fighter is good at kicking someone's ass; the killer knows how to irreparably injure vulnerable areas of the human body Roquan Smith Bears Jersey , permanently wrecking the function of that area.

The fighter relies on superior strength, speed and skill; the killer uses stealth and violence of action to get his results.The fighter's skills deteriorate after his competitive years are over; the killer's skills can last a lifetime.The fighter's skills work best in the controlled environment of the ring; the killer's skills work in any act of violence.

I could go on but you get the point. Now some of you may be pursuing competitive MMA careers and I wish you the best. After you hang up your gi or MMA trunks you may find the skills of a killer more useful.For the rest of you please ask yourself where do you see yourself applying your martial arts or combat sport training?

If it is in the chaotic world of real violence then you are hamstringing yourself with rules and skills that are only good for the young, fast Hroniss Grasu Limited Jersey , and strong. Not to mention whether or no the other guy plays by your rules; most murderers tend not to abide by any competition standards.

At least explore the world of the killer and see how despite the name, the skills are easily learned and last a lifetime. Also the byproduct of learning these skills is you get to live a far more relaxed and peaceful life. Strange but true. Remember there is a big difference between being a killer and a murderer. And if you face a murderer; then only the skills of a killer will properly prepare you for that situation.
The food which we feed to horses needs to meet seven fundamental requirements:

Energy. It needs to provide sufficient energy (calories) to meet the requirements of the horse. If the weather becomes colder or the horse is used more actively, the amount of food will need to be increased accordingly. Likewise Jonathan Bullard Limited Jersey , as winter turns into summer or if the horse is less active, the amount of food should be decreased.

Minerals and Vitamins. Aside from energy, horse feed needs to provide a variety of essential minerals and vitamins Eddie Goldman Limited Jersey , in the required quantities.

Bulk and High Fiber. The equine digestive system has evolved to process grass, which is high in fiber and bulk. Food which is concentrated (e.g. grain) may provide the required energy and minerals, but lacks the bulk which the digestive system needs Kevin White Limited Jersey , which greatly increases the risk of ulcers and other diseases. Studies on horses which a diet high in grain or other concentrated foods show that 50 to 90 of these horses have ulcers.

Digestability. Food which is poorly digested provides limited food value and can cause serious illnesses (e.g. impaction colic). This is a particular problem for the older horse, where dental wear reduces his ability to chew food and aging has reduced his ability to digest certain foods. See Feeding Senior Horses below for details. In addition, horses may eat unsuitable items (e.g. straw) which do provide food value but due to difficulty in digestion can also result in problems.

Safety. Almost any food Cody Whitehair Limited Jersey , given in an incorrect quantity or fashion, can result in health issues. A list of the common mistakes to avoid is provided below.

Continuous Feeding. Although a horse does not eat constantly (e.g. it spends part of its time moving about and other activities), it needs to eat frequently. It needs a minimum of 2 3 meals per day to keep its digestive system healthy Leonard Floyd Limited Jersey , but more frequent eating is preferable. Many small meals are better than a few large meals. This is one of the reasons that horses which graze on pasture during the day are generally healthier than horses which have their food (e.g. hay or grain) given to them once or twice a day.

Stimulation. A horse s main stimulati. Basketball Jerseys From China Baseball Jerseys Free Shipping

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