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Man without any motivation in life is like a bird without feather. It is the goal in life which keeps all human beings active and live. When child is born he is born with certain goal or motivation in life. Even when God has created this world he had also set some goal. That can be purgation of soul. Every human have certain goal in his mind for which he starts early in his childhood. What make difference are the individual goals and the path to attain it.

Hope is thing with feathers attached to it. It is that hope which resides in the heart of all human like bird. It is hope which actually helps man to attain his goal. Goal in life is essential. As without goal life of man will be monotonous. He will work but without any zeal. It will be like walking on the road which has no end. It is the ultimate goal which is the end of life.

Having goal is not bad. Only thing people should remember that while attaining the goal Jordan Matthews Jersey , it should not hurt anyone. The goal of man should be beneficial to him and to the society. There can be hundreds of path for a progressive society. As man is a social animal so whatever he does it should benefit him as well as his society. If man progress than the society also progresses with him.

While attaining the goal people should remember that they should not take any wrong path. As we are on the path of attaining our goal we tend to lose our mental balance. It is the mental faculty which should help us in fulfilling the goal. As no man wants to be a looser, in that case they generally take wrong path. May be in attaining goal it is not always that man should get success . May be in starting he will have to see defeat. But that is not the end. Actually it is the beginning of new day.

It is rightly said that success is counted as the sweetest. If we did not face defeat then it is not possible to understand the real value of defeat and success. Then the taste of success is something like reaching with almighty. Setting realistic goals does not necessarily mean that your goals have to be small or trivial. Realistic simply means that your goals are something that you know can be reached within a reasonable amount of time. Goals are not always going to be fun or easy to reach. Working toward something for work Jeremy Hill Jersey , health, or simply for personal betterment Cyrus Jones Jersey , but whatever your reasons, there should be something that is motivating you to reach the goal.
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