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Photo taken on Oct. 8 Al-Farouq Aminu Blazers Jersey , 2016, shows the United Nations Security Council voting on a Russia-drafted resolution on Syria, at the UN headquarters in New York. The UN Security Council on Saturday failed to adopt a Russian draft resolution on Syria as it didn't garner enough support in the 15-nation council. (XinhuaLi Muzi) Photo taken on Oct. 8, 2016 shows the United Nations Security Council voting on a France-drafted resolution on Syria Nik Stauskas Blazers Jersey , at the UN headquarters in New York, Oct. 8, 2016. The UN Security Council on Saturday failed to adopt a resolution on Syria drafted by France as Russia vetoed it. (XinhuaLi Muzi)
UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- The UN Security Council on Saturday failed to adopt rival resolutions on Syria as the council' s key powers divided over how to solve the conflict in Syria' s northern city of Aleppo.

For a draft resolution submitted by France and Spain which demands an end to air strikes over Aleppo Moe Harkless Blazers Jersey , Russia vetoed it.

The voting result is 11 in favor, two against and two abstentions.

A resolution drafted by Russia on Syria called upon all the parties to cease hostilities and open humanitarian access in order to enhance efforts to combat terrorism.

For the Russia drafted resolution, four council members voted "yes," nine "against Wade Baldwin Blazers Jersey ," and two abstained in the vote. The Security Council also failed to adopt it due to a lack of supporting votes.

The votes took place in an emergent meeting held by the Security Council after it heard from UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura on latest developments in the war-torn Syria.

"In maximum two months, two-and-a-half months, the city of eastern Aleppo may be totally destroyed," said de Mistura.

According to UN estimates Evan Turner Blazers Jersey , 275,000 civilians trapped in eastern parts of the city. Among them, 100,000 are children.

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