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Waters Level Controller using 8051 Microcontroller: Here we are designing the circuit which is often used to detect and control water level automatically in cost to do business tank using 8051 microcontroller. Its used in industries to overpower the liquid level on auto-pilot.
Water Level Indicator: This Water Level Indicator project employs a straightforward mechanism which helps to be able to detect and indicate water level in an overhead tank or almost every other water container. It can be used in Hotels, Factories, Properties Apartments, Commercial Complexes, Drainage, etc.
Delay using 8051 Timers: Generation of your respective delays in electronic circuits is really a basic but very important requirement in both digital and logic devices. Precise time delays are essential in many circuit experditions. Delays can be earned using PLLÂ’s but this kind of project uses 8051 to come up with precise time delays.
THREE LED Bike Light applying PIC10F200: A multi-function light for bikes using 3 LED’s with high brightness is here. A PIC10F200 microcontroller is required to control the lights. It is a less costly and high performance microcontroller. The PIC10F200 also requires a little power supply and might operate at 2V. Therefore, two AA batteries is going to be sufficient to power the nuvi 780.
Temperature based Ceiling Buff Speed Control System (230V AIR CONDITIONING Motor): Ceiling fans have a very manual regulator i. electronic. the speed can often be regulated manually. A microcontroller based computerized speed control of ceiling fan influenced by temperature is designed on this brushless dc motor project. A temperature sensor is required for temperature measurement. Also, an LCD is accustomed to display the current temperature as well as speed of the supporter.
Temperature Controlled Fan (DC Generator based with PWM): Speed control of DC motor (fan) employing a microcontroller is designed below. A temperature sensor is required and the speed of the DC motor varies in accordance with the temperature. The microcontroller generates a PWM signal in accordance with the temperature.
Simple Toll Plaza: A straightforward microcontroller based automatic toll nema stepper motor deduction product designed in this job. The system uses RFID and also GSM technologies. RFID reader on the plaza will detect the particular users RFID tag and automatically deducts the mandatory amount and the GSM module sends a notification towards user.
Real time Auto Battery Monitoring and Reduced Voltage Alert System: Battery is usually an important device in car. The aim of this project is to design a real time period battery monitoring system with low voltage alert method. It uses a microcontroller nema stepper motor and also has voltage measurement signal and temperature measurement circuit integrated to it. This system are available in UPS, hybrid automobiles, regular electric vehicles and so on.
Real Time Burglar Self-protection system Using PIR Sensor: Passive Infrared sensors (PIR sensors) are available in security systems that will prevent burglary. A microcontroller based burglar self-protection system is designed here. PIR sensor is a main module along with other sensors like acoustic and also magnetic sensors. The communication is by RF link and an self-protection system is installed at that receiving end.
Color Sensing Automatic robot: This is a MATLAB primarily based project involving the thoughts of image processing in addition to robotics. A camera is required as an image sensor that will capture a colored concept. Based on the position belonging to the colored object, there might be corresponding movement in this robot. An NXP microcontroller used with this project.
RFID Based Bus Ticketing Method: The main problem of manual ticketing strategy is formation of Queues. RFID based ticketing system provides a good way of buying tickets. RFID enable you to identify the passenger and dependant on GPS; the fare is automatically deducted as per the distance.
Automatic Student Bell System Using AT89S52: An inexpensive and easy to use automatic college / school bell product developed in this venture. An Atmel AT89S52 microcontroller is required with a display unit including a relay so that enough time is displayed and the particular bell is triggered. This system are available in academic institutions plus avoid manual intervention.

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