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 Předmět příspěvku: This summer vacation,
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This summer vacation, I read "Dream of Red Mansions." "Dream of Red Mansions" was written by Cao Xueqin, a famous scholar in the Qing Dynasty. Gao Zeng's continuation of the depiction of Jia was the whole process of feudal society, the Jia family Marlboro Gold Pack, from prosperity to decline. In "Dream of Red Mansions", I like Jia Baoyu who hates fame, Lin Yuyu who sympathizes with petty cry Online Cigarettes, Qing Wen who admire dare to be brave, respectful and resolute Jia Tanchun, hateful scheming Wang Xifeng, and hate sinister and poisonous Wang Shanbao. I also liked several scenes in "Dream of Red Mansions". For example, Baodi was acquainted with the West Gate and buried flowers. It was both beautiful and romantic. She also liked Xiang Yun's drunkenness, sleep, and medicine, and it resembled painting and poetry. "A Dream of Red Mansions" is a famous Chinese name and is also the pinnacle of world literature.In this masterpiece, the male protagonist Jia Baoyu and the female protagonist is Lin Yuyu Cigarettes Cheaper. This novel also describes the innocent feelings between them Newport 100S. However, due to the feudal society, stressing the words of "parents' dictates of the media" eventually led to two people. Failure to form a family tree also led to the death of Lin Daiyu.eading "A Dream of Red Mansions", I could not help thinking deeply. Why did the prominent Jia House die? Because Jia disciples were extravagant and arrogant Cigarettes Online, Jia had accumulated hatred and left a handle. And because there are too many disciples like Jia Zhang, when they are rich, they do not have to work properly, enjoy prosperity, and eat the old books of Rong Guogong and Ning Guogong. He also believes that the rich will continue until the death of Yuan Zhen. Jia House lost power and was excluded by the power. In addition, Xue and Wang in the four major families

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