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QUITO Marvin Plattenhardt Deutschland Trikot , Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- A day after President Lenin Moreno removed him from all of his duties, Ecuador's Vice-President Jorge Glas said Friday that he refused to accept this decision and would soon be travelling the country.

"They can take everything from me except dignity and the constitutional investiture as vice-president of the republic," wrote Glas in a message to the country on Twitter.

"I have decided to return the cars assigned for the presidential protection service and travel in my truck, before they take it away from me," he added.

Glas, and the previous president Rafael Correa Niklas Sule Deutschland Trikot , have slammed Moreno this week for allegedly making political deals with the opposition.

Glas, who is also under suspicion of corruption and receiving bribes from Brazilian construction firm, Odebrecht, was removed as vice-president by Moreno in an executive decree on Thursday.

He wrote that he is now in his birth city of Guayaquil, where he was taken by security officials. He claims that he has been forbidden from using official planes and that his staff had seen their office access cards cancelled.

While Moreno, Correa and Glas all belong to the ruling PAIS Alliance which Correa created Kevin Trapp Deutschland Trikot , the latter two believe that Moreno has betrayed their political ideals by engaging in dialogue with the opposition.

Glas also thanked PAIS Alliance supporters who congregated outside the presidential palace in Quito on Thursday as a show of support.

The leader declared himself loyal to the principles of the "Citizen Revolution," the socialist project of Correa (2007-2017) and published an open letter attacking Moreno on Wednesday.

Correa, who now lives in Belgium, has slammed Moreno as "disloyal" and "mediocre."

This tension has caused severe concerns within the PAIS Alliance, which is seeking to mediate.

NE China's city initiates Level I emergency response for flood

2017 China Xi'an Int'l Tourism Expo held

NE China's Dalian issues red alert for flood

In pics: lotus flowers amid morning mist in E China

Military parade held to mark PLA 90th birthday (Part I)

SWAT team members take part in drill

Acrobatic show staged in China's Xinjiang

Martial arts competition held in China's Henan

The holidays always bring out the best in people. And when the people's mood is soaring, it affects even their environment. Well Selbst Gestalten Deutschland Trikot , just look all around you. You can certainly see and feel Christmas in the window displays, in the outdoor decorations of your neighbors (and I'm sure yours too!), and in public places and modes of transportation. The Christmas spirit has arrived. Why not bring it to your dental clinic? Sure, you have Christmas lights and a tree. But they do not really make your establishment stand out, do they? The best way to bring the holidays to your place is to no less than decorate it your way-the dental clinic style.

Tooth-shaped Christmas lights

You already have Christmas lights. That's great! But let's not leave it like that. We both know that you can do so much better than that. Think up of creative and even cute (Dental clinics can afford to be cute, you know.) ideas that can give a different flavor to your decorations. One example is Deutschland WM 2018 Trikot , as my sub-heading suggested, putting up tooth-shaped Christmas lights. Perhaps now you are thinking, "Where on earth can I buy tooth-shaped lights?" now, my friend, we're not looking for one. We are going to make one. Consider it as your little D-I-Y project. All you have to do is to cut out tooth-shaped designs from lightweight paper materials (Japanese paper perhaps or maybe crepe paper) and place your cutouts on the person light bulbs. This takes a lot of work. I know. But don't you think the result is worth it? In order to save materials and effort, you can buy Christmas lights with larger bulbs. That way Deutschland Fußball Trikot , your tooth-shaped design will also be more clear.

Dental clinic mascots dressed Santa

It does not really have to be Santa Claus. It can be a snowman or even an elf! I'm only guessing here, but the most obvious dental clinic mascot is (surprise) a tooth-a smiling tooth for that matter. Don't you think it would be fun to dress up your brand? The most common idea is, of course, our most beloved Santa. But as suggested earlier, you can always think out of the box. If you ask me, the snowman outfit is a better fit for a tooth mascot. It's obvious Marcel Halstenberg Fußball Trikot , isn't it? With the similarities in color and shape, it will be easier for you to place the necessary ornaments.


Make your staff dress up as Santa, elves, Christmas bells, angels, and snowmen! This suggestion is not for everyday compliance. You can set a specific date (preferably one closest to Christmas day) for your costume party. However Leroy Sane Fußball Trikot , if your whole dental clinic staff is up to it, you can also dress up every day until Christmas day! What the hell, right? It's your clinic, and you can act as crazily as you like. It's how you celebrate Christmas after all. Just make sure that your people do not go too far with their costumes though. You are still operating a business. Some extreme costumes, such as a slutty elf such as, might turn out to be a bad influence for children.

Aura of holiday cheer

If you do not have the time to do all this or if you do not have the budget Sebastian Rudy Fußball Trikot , you can always resort to taking advantage of your overall charm and using it to spread the holiday cheer within your dental clinic. I will definitely give that a big A for effort.

LONDON - A young North Korean defector who was trafficked and raped at the age of 13 after fleeing to China said on Friday that she hoped going public with her life story would shine a light on "the darkest place on earth", her homeland.

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