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Přehled tématu - Panthers fantasy football Week 1 start vs sit advice
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  Předmět příspěvku:  Re: Panthers fantasy football Week 1 start vs sit advice  Odpovědět s citací
Příspěvek Napsal: 04 dub 2019, 22:36
  Předmět příspěvku:  Re: Panthers fantasy football Week 1 start vs sit advice  Odpovědět s citací
Příspěvek Napsal: 10 led 2019, 22:33
  Předmět příspěvku:  Panthers fantasy football Week 1 start vs sit advice  Odpovědět s citací
Thursday Night Football: Eagles vs FalconsIf you have Falcons or Eagles on your fantasy roster then you need to set your line up before tonight’s season opener. Philly is a tough opener for the Falcons but they are healthy and should be motivated. Here’s my advice for your relevant fantasy players.Start with ConfidenceWR Julio JonesIf Julio is healthy you start him every game until further notice Cheap Christian McCaffrey Jersey , no matter who the Falcons are playing. The Falcons should throw a good bit in this game provided the Eagles don’t control the clock like they did in their playoff win over the Falcons.QB Matt RyanRyan was not ranked as a top tier QB in most fantasy drafts but he can put up big numbers any given Sunday. The problem with this match-up is it’s the season opener, on the road, against the World Champs who have a tough D. On the flip side the Falcons have a good offensive line and the Eagles secondary is fairly pedestrian. I expect Ryan to air it early to help the running game. I say start him unless you have a better option with a better match-up.TE Zach ErtzYou most likely drafted him high so you have to play him even if his QB is less than ideal. But we doubted Nick Foles all last season and he proved us wrong. With Alshon Jeffrey out of the line up Ertz should get 5 to 10 targets minimum. Let’s see what he can do with them.Start with CautionRB Devonta FreemanFreeman will again most likely split the backfield carries with Tevin Coleman which is why Freeman is a borderline RB1. The Eagles defense is tough against the run so that adds up to a mediocre day for Freeman in my book. Start him is you have too RB Jay AjayiGiven the Eagles have one of the best, if not the best offensive lines in the NFL the Eagles running game should be effective. Especially since the Falcons no longer have Dontari Poe up front (hee hee). It’s just at this point we don’t know which RB will get the most touches, Ajayi or Darren Sproles. It should be Ajayi but we’ve made that mistake before. At this point in the season if you drafted Ajayi to start you have to start him but just know his touches may not be ideal. If he breaks a long run for a TD he could have a big day fantasy points wise. RB Darren SprolesHow old is this guy anyway? Good hands are hard to find and so in a PPR league Sproles has value. If you drafted him to start Cheap Kawann Short Jersey , which I doubt you did, then start him with caution. My advice though is to wait until we see how Eagles HC Doug Pederson uses his backfield. Avoid StartingRB Tevin ColemanColeman will have some value when the match-up is right. This is not the week.QB Nick FolesHe’s looked terrible in the preseason and certainly you have better options.Eagles WRsUntil Carson Wentz gets back leave them on your bench. Nelson Agholor is the only Eagle WR I would start at this point.Either of these defensesIf you drafted the Eagles to start them then I guess you have no choice but if it were me I’d look for a streaming option in week 1. The key will be if the Eagles can control the clock then their defense could be a decent start, just don’t expect more than 10 points. Panthers vs Cowboys Start with ConfidenceRB Ezekiel ElliotRB Christian McCaffreyZeke and C-Mac are no-brainers every week, no matter the match-up.QB Cam NewtonI like Newton this week and I suspect every week as the Norv Turner offense will put up yards and points. Newton has the most weapons at his disposal and I expect him to sue them. The Cowboy defense has it’s tough spots but I expect them to be on the field a lot. Newton and the Panther offense will make a splash in the opener.TE Greg OlsenDon’t let the increase in weapons in the offense shy you away from starting Olsen. Olsen will remain one of Newton’s top targets in 2018, especially in the red zone. The only question is how much McCaffrey will cut into Olsen targets. Start with CautionWR Allen HurnsHurns is essentially the Cowboys WR1 which has to be worrisome to Cowboys fans. Yet the word is (outside Carolina anyway) the Panthers secondary is suspect. So even though I’m a Panthers homer I would start Hurns if I didn’t have two better options. Panthers DefenseI know we all think the Panthers defense is underrated but this is still a tough match up. I personally am starting the Panthers in leagues in which I own them and here’s why. If you listened to my podcast last week with the Cowboys blogger the Cowboys offensive line is missing a couple key pieces on the interior of the line Cheap Greg Olsen Jersey , most notably center Travis Frederick. That plays to the Panthers defense’s strength. If the Cowboys can’t run the ball then they have to throw and that will create opportunities for the pass rush and turn overs. Dak Prescott should not scare anyone on the Panthers defense.WR Devin FunchessMy main question here is how many targets will Funchess get in the Panthers’ new offense. If he gets 8-10 targets then he is worth a start because there is no doubt Funchess is ready for a break out season. It’s all about the opportunity. Avoid StartingQB Dak PrescottOutside of Elliott I just don’t know where the offense is going to come from in Dallas. If you have a decent 2nd option to start at QB I advise a wait and see approach towards Prescott.I don’t see any addition options to start from this game at this time. Certainly several players could burst on the scene in 2018 but for fantasy purposes I would wait to see it happen rather than pray it happens.New Panthers OC Norv Turner proves his worth in 31-21 win over Bengals With 20 receptions in the first two games we were already talking about running back Christian McCaffrey chances of breaking some kind of receptions record in 2018. The Bengals defensive coordinator certainly had to make it a focus of the defensive game plan; protect the edges and the flat in response to the Panthers’ propensity to run or pass to McCaffrey in those directions.New Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner made all that planning for naught. Instead Turner ran McCaffrey between the tackles to the tune of 184 yards on 28 carries, a whopping 6.6 yards per carry. If you were like me, as the game wore on in the second half you probably thought “well now Newton will start to throw to McCaffrey in the flat”. Nope, it never happened. McCaffrey only caught two passes for 10 yards on the day, a huge departure from what the Panthers offense did in Weeks 1 and 2. The result of this effort is the Panthers lead the NFL in averaging 166 yards per game. That is Ron Rivera football right there.Let me throw some additional credit where it’s due. The patchwork offensive line did a great job of run blocking in this game. Also huge props to McCaffrey for his tough , tackle-breaking running. I read somewhere he averaged almost three additional yards after contact and had eight or 10 broken tackles. Can we please now stop with the ‘McCaffrey can’t run between the tackles’ narrative? He blew that up this past Sunday.On a related note here’s a graphic on McCaffrey’s directional success:Another reason I find the game plan genius is it took the pressure off the aforementioned patchwork line. With three starters out of the game the Panthers needed to avoid forcing Newton to stand in the pocket and win the game with his arm. Running the ball between the tackles did just that. The fact Newton was under a lot of pressure when he dropped back to pass supports this notion. Here are the PFF grades for the Panthers’ three fill-in starters on the offensive line:I should add that right tackle Taylor Moton was the Panthers’ top graded player on offense and even made the All Offense Team for PFF this week. I imagine Turner looked at this group of fill-ins and realized we had to run the ball in order to win this game. That turned out to be an advantage since it was the opposite of the Panthers’ film from the first two games. Advantage Panthers.I could get used to this whole ‘out game planning the competition’ stuff.
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