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Přehled tématu - NFL Monday Night Football open game thread
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  Předmět příspěvku:  Re: NFL Monday Night Football open game thread  Odpovědět s citací
Příspěvek Napsal: 05 dub 2019, 00:42
  Předmět příspěvku:  Re: NFL Monday Night Football open game thread  Odpovědět s citací
Příspěvek Napsal: 10 led 2019, 23:25
  Předmět příspěvku:  NFL Monday Night Football open game thread  Odpovědět s citací
We’ve got Monday Night Football’s yearly Week 1 doubleheader on tap tonight Authentic Christian McCaffrey Jersey , so buckle up and enjoy the ride!At 7:10 p.m. ET, the Lions host the Jets, which should be a pretty good game that the Lions should win. They’re at home so they should have an advantage, but don’t rule the Jets out.At 10:20 p.m. ET , the Raiders host the Rams, and let me tell you somethin’ man I really like what the Rams are doing with the football. Todd Gurley is a machine, man, and I think that if Sean McVay can keep feeding the beast he’ll score lots of touchdowns this season Youth Trai Turner Jersey , you know what I’m sayin’? I tell you what man, that Sean McVay is a really good coach and I don’t know if the Raiders will be able to stop him. I just love what he’s doing over there, man. Spider 2 Y Banana. Use this space to talk about the action as it unfolds.You know the drill.This is now an open thread!Panthers 2018 Season Countdown: 64 days to go As we count down the days until our beloved Carolina Panthers officially kickoff the 2018 season, we take a look at the players on the roster with the corresponding jersey numbers. I admit the name Dorian Johnson was vaguely familiar to me when I selected this assignment. Here’s what I found in my initial search on Johnson before coming to Carolina. He was a highly rated prospect when he announced he was leaving Pitt for the NFL.He sounds like our kind of player. The NFL loved him before the combine Youth Cam Newton Jersey , too.So things are starting to not add up for me at this point. Why did the Cardinals give up on a fourth round pick so quickly? Why did the Texans do the same? Because this happened, which brings us to our story of discipline and perseverance.During his physical at the NFL scouting combine Johnson was condition of the liver called primary sclerosing cholangitis. The immediate effect is that to remain healthy Johnson has a lot of foods and beverages he must avoid as well as a daily pill regimen. The long term effects, which would come well after the average NFL career, are more severe:Yet in spite of the adversity Johnson’s back story tells me if anyone can overcome this disorder and become a starter in the NFL it is Johnson. Now I’m not saying it is likely to happen because I have to assume there is some impact on his play or maybe conditioning , hence why else is he on his third team? All I can find is he struggled in the Cardinals camp.Prior to that he performed well at the combine, not being notified of the abnormal results of his blood work until the third day. He was the top performer in the vertical and broad jumps. So while his chances are long it is obvious the Panthers saw it as a worthy roll of the dice to find a diamond in the rough. Johnson’s learning curve just may be a little flatter than others. Keep Pounding, Dorian.
Příspěvek Napsal: 07 lis 2018, 02:05

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